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On Friday night Sue flicked fag ash into my lap.

So, I was queueing at the bar next to Sue in the Drill Hall after 99p Challenge, and she knocked her cigarette into the bar and the hot ash kinda sprayed at me. She turned round and said "Sorry, I'd like to cascade you with hot ash if that's OK" and I was like "hmmm... yes please" (sarcastically obviously), and then I said to her "Sorry, but what does it say on that peachy T-shirt you're wearing? [she had a tracksuit top and her parka over the top of it by this point] I was trying to read it when you were on TV this morning but couldn't work out what it said beyond J'ai" and she said "I dunno actually, I haven't read it, I think it says J'taime" and I was like "Right, OK, a woman who buys her clothes without even reading them. Excellent!" and she goes "Oh, I didn't buy it, it's a work one I was given and I haven't changed since this morning cos I'm minging like that".

How out of order is that? A woman who can afford to buy a house in Primrose Hill doesn't have to buy clothes. Oh how I wish I was famous.
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