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04:22pm 16/03/2006
  In case anyone is interested, Sue was on Channel 5's Movie Lounge programme this week. It's repeated on Saturday morning some time after 11.

Has anyone seen Sue on her stand up tour yet?

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*w00t w00t* New Community Alert! 
04:22pm 13/02/2005
  (x-posted all over the shop)

I have, in my infinite wisdom, created a new community! It's called gorgeous_dykes and there's no application to fill to join, no voting to be done and no topics of conversation to stick to! All I ask is that you post occasionally, and help make the community work.


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Ahh, sue :) 
04:35pm 29/05/2004
mood: creative
Just surfing and found this place so I thought I'd nick this question and answer it from my point of veiw.

If you had to pick either Mel or Sue as your favourite, which one would you pick?

Susy sue! Not because Mels rubbish. Just because Sue's bloody gorgeous. Celebrity Big brother was pretty drool-tastic.

She's also funny :P But my main reason is I fancy her... Woo...

Does anyone know why the pics on the offical mel and sue site are all just thumbnails? :( It's not fair.

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03:55pm 08/02/2004
  Anyone know if Mel's had her baby yet? :)  

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A Post. 
02:01pm 23/11/2003
mood: Jolly
If you had to pick either Mel or Sue as your favourite, which one would you pick?

I'd pick Sue probably. They're both funny, but sometimes i think they're on different wavelengths and their comedy is different. Sue makes me laugh more.

Please don't post back. We may just cause this community to be active, lol:)

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06:44pm 03/11/2003
mood: thoughtful
I think Mel and Sue should write a book!
Just random blatherings about the world. I think that what they write is just as good(if not better) than their actual act. Plus it's something comedians just don't seem to do. Plus you have to admit, Mel and Sue aren't exactly on prime time television anymore. I reckon it would make everyone realize just how funny they are.

Thats my 'deep' thinking for the day:)

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08:59pm 14/09/2003
  Do we know what Mel and Sue are up to now?  

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02:47pm 22/05/2003

review of arts show.. not that great and dunno if anyone else has seen it. not so much dissing mel and sue per say, just the show.

and how weird do they both look in this pic

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Any of you guys bored? 
09:58pm 17/05/2003
  I've started up a new yahoo group for mel, as i felt sorry for her that sue had one and she didnt! so if you want do join! :)

Subscribe to mel_giedroyc_fans

Powered by groups.yahoo.com


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12:08pm 13/05/2003
mood: amused
Hee hee...

I've heard all the tales about Cakeshoppers being refused admittance to Late Lunch.

Have you noticed that today, that Abi, one of the RI:SE audience researchers has actually even posted in the Cakeshop asking for fans to come and be in the audience?

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09:44pm 03/05/2003
mood: tired
Incase anyone was watching RI:SE yesterday morning... the woman with the hyena/seal in labour like laugh was me.

I couldn't be arsed to cross-post, but if anyone wants to read about my morning then feel free to clickey here

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02:14am 10/03/2003
mood: amused but tired
Tonight I saw Mel & Sue at the Arts Theatre again.

I can't be arsed to cross-post... but if you want, you can read the entry in my journal here.

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03:09pm 06/03/2003
mood: amused
A reference to Mel & Sue's appearance in Gimme Gimme Gimme from here

The scene in Saturday Night Diva which features Mel & Sue (of Light Lunch fame) as receptionists was filmed in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel on London's exclusive Park Lane. Mel certainly seemed to relish the role when she began answering phones to real customer enquiries! This blossoming new career was soon cut short by the somewhat perturbed Concierge.

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01:43pm 28/02/2003
mood: amused
Do any of you ever call/text/Email RI:SE?

On Tuesday when Sue had something mysterious written across her bum, I texted to ask what it said. They obviously didn't read out/answer my question though.

A couple of hours later I got a call from someone from Princess Productions asking if I had time to answer a few questions. I didn't, I was stopped at a red traffic light when I answered the phone and I don't have a hands free kit. But I'm curious as to what they wanted to ask.

Also, last Friday when they had on Caprice and the "relationship experts" I Emailed in a question (I was very drunk... remember this was 8:30am, and I'd been drinking until 6am).

Again, they never read out my Email, but, this morning I got the following Email:

----- Original Message -----
From: Mel Giedroyc & Sue Perkins
To: Lisa Egan
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 11:25 AM
Subject: Re: [melandsue]

Thanks for your e-mail on last weeks show. On Tuesday we have a celebrity Doctor and relationship expert in the studio. Please feel free to e mail, call or text our experts with any problems or queries that you may have.
We love to hear from our viewers!

The Mel & Sue Team

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03:55pm 25/02/2003
  Edith Bowman to leave RI:SE

Oh dear. Can't Ian Lee leave? I hate him. he's SO unfunny. and too shouty. I'd watch Mel and Sue on RI:SE if i wasn't at work. but that's the only redeeming factor of it and I'm at work then. If THEY go, what are they going to do, as their london live show is gone now too.....

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Please help guys! 
08:01pm 23/02/2003
mood: confused
Is it true Mel and Sues London radio show has now finished? - i was reading it on 'yahoo!' and i was noooo! the one time i missed it!

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04:08am 17/02/2003
mood: amused
On Friday night Sue flicked fag ash into my lap.

So, I was queueing at the bar next to Sue in the Drill Hall after 99p Challenge, and she knocked her cigarette into the bar and the hot ash kinda sprayed at me. She turned round and said "Sorry, I'd like to cascade you with hot ash if that's OK" and I was like "hmmm... yes please" (sarcastically obviously), and then I said to her "Sorry, but what does it say on that peachy T-shirt you're wearing? [she had a tracksuit top and her parka over the top of it by this point] I was trying to read it when you were on TV this morning but couldn't work out what it said beyond J'ai" and she said "I dunno actually, I haven't read it, I think it says J'taime" and I was like "Right, OK, a woman who buys her clothes without even reading them. Excellent!" and she goes "Oh, I didn't buy it, it's a work one I was given and I haven't changed since this morning cos I'm minging like that".

How out of order is that? A woman who can afford to buy a house in Primrose Hill doesn't have to buy clothes. Oh how I wish I was famous.

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03:27am 13/02/2003
mood: amused
Sue Perkins wandering round London...... in wellies?!?!?!

From Rex Features.

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07:23pm 03/02/2003
mood: Chirpy as bird soup
I read this and it really made me laugh. It's taken from a letter to Mel from Sue explaing why it's best they break partnership(it's not serious of course).

'...It is hard to write these words. Not because i am overcome with emotion, but because i've sprained my wrist. I am in total agreement that our creative partnership is over. It's time for me to move on. You will always need a crutch, Mel. But i must remove my crutch from you, as it is starting to attract gossip.'

btw. I'm new, so hi, i'm Sarah:)

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08:30am 17/01/2003
  Mel and Sue are going to present RI:SE

Oh, woop de do.


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